Arboricultural Services

tree pruning

With over three decades of arborist knowledge, we are not just tree maintenance experts. We handle everything from tree protection plans, arborist assessment reports, root barrier installation and maintenance, the list goes on. Whether our client is from a government contract or domestic household, we strive to offer practical arboricultural solutions that adhere to the […]

Mulch Sales

wood chip

A great option for your garden is mulch. As an organic compound they will break down over time releasing nutrients into your garden. Different mulches can be made of denser material so it takes longer to break down reducing the frequency of mulch application. Mulches come in a range of grades – from fine through […]

Habitat Boxes

Valley Tree Services have been working with local councils and Transport NSW to create artificial hollows and habitat logs for indigenous wildlife. Rather than complete removal of a mature tree, we can create an ideal habitat for local wildlife, seeing the intrinsic value a dead tree can have for our native and unique ecosystems. We […]

Land Clearing

No matter the scale of your land clearing project, Valley Tree Services aims to provide effective and timely solutions—offering everything from undergrowth clearing to tree removal and stump grinding. Our highly qualified arborists combine their arboricultural skills with practical applications to provide the best solutions for forestry mulching, lot slashing and wood chipping. With our […]

Tree Transplanting

Here at Valley Tree Services, we’re your local experts in all things tree transplanting. Add new life to your backyard with a mature feature tree — something for your house guests to marvel at. Enhance the look of your yard, add extra shade or help boost your backyard’s natural ecosystem. No matter what your reasoning […]

Arborists Reports

We provide Tree inspections and reports by AQF Certified Level 5 Diploma level Arborists/Environmental Scientists. With these qualifications we can determine the health and condition of the tree assessing if there are any potential hazards or risks.Furthermore, we offer tree protection plans, tree surgery and pruning, transplantation and maintenance, to the removal of trees for […]

Stump Grinding

Even once a tree has been professionally removed, the stump is often still buried underground which can create a number of issues for both residential and commercial premises. Firstly, they’re obstructive which poses a bit of a hazard to distracted passers-by, particularly the elderly. They can also become breeding grounds for unwanted pests like termites […]

Forestry Mulching

Mulching Services In Bellingen Valley Tree Services has been providing comprehensive tree mulching across the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Through our tree pruning and trimming services, we have been able to provide schools, local councils and landscape yards with fresh and aged forest mulch. Whether it is to reduce evaporation or retain […]

Tree Removal & Pruning

Tree Removal Tree removal is not an easy job and requires skill, knowledge and the use of adequate equipment. It is often that people learn this once they try to do the job themselves and discover the effort, danger and unfortunately in many cases the damage that falling tree can do to a property. Our […]