We service the mid-north coast of New South Wales

Tree Removal & Pruning

Tree Removal

Tree removal is not an easy job and requires skill, knowledge and the use of adequate equipment. It is often that people learn this once they try to do the job themselves and discover the effort, danger and unfortunately in many cases the damage that falling tree can do to a property.

Our tree services are provided by trained and qualified specialists that will be able to remove your tree without causing any damages or having anyone’s well-being at risk. Experts providing these services will not only make it safer for everyone and everything on your property but will also finish the job a lot quicker. This is why next time you need help removing a tree and you lack the experience or equipment, don’t put anything at risk and call the specialists that will save you time, effort and most probably money you would otherwise need to cover induced damages.

provides professional tree removal services where safety and efficiency are guaranteed. We have highly trained team members that have the experience and knowledge to remove any species of trees, regardless of their sizes. Our experts also have the right equipment to allow them removing trees from constrained places, without inflicting any damage to its surroundings.

Valley Tree Services make use of a range of equipment and different techniques for a tree removal so we will have a solution for removing your tree, regardless of how challenging it might be. Our experts will always assess the site before starting the job and come up with the best solution that suits that particular case, as every case is different.

Tree Pruning

Usually, healthy trees that are not causing many issues can simply undergo tree pruning to remove the troublesome branches and foliage. This is a preferred method for many councils as it saves the need to fully remove the tree and is more environmentally friendly.  For you as the homeowner, tree pruning is also welcome it saves costs on complete tree removal.

At Valley Tree Services we provide tree pruning services utilising highly experienced qualified Arborists (AQF Level 3 to 5) who are trained to the Australian standard for the pruning Amenity.